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China and the United States restart trade negotiations to invigorate the market

2018-08-21 15:29:08 EAST UNITED ALUMINUM LTD

Foreign media said that China said on the 16th that it will hold a new round of trade talks with the United States in Washington later in August. This news has brought a glimmer of hope to resolve the conflicts in the global market.

Chinese representative goes to the US in the next ten days

The report said that before the relevant news was announced, the talks between the two sides had stalled. It is not clear whether the new round of talks will be held before or after August 23.

Asian stock markets rose

The report said that Asian stock markets launched a counterattack. After a few hours of opening, the Nikkei index returned to the opening level, while the mainland China and Hong Kong markets also recovered losses. Traders saw a glimmer of hope for the current trade war.

Dialogue sends positive signals

According to the report, Shi Jiandao, chief economist of the China Beige Book International Research Company, said: "The Deputy Minister of Finance, David Malpas, has no power on trade issues, but the talks are good news for the Chinese stock market. 

Reported by Vanessa    August 21th,2018

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