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East United Aluminum Ltd (hereinafter referred to as ”Eualu”), with the factory located in Anhui, China and with the head office located in Shanghai, is the world's leading aluminum company, which focuses on manufacturing and service of all kinds of aluminum products, including color coated aluminum coil, aluminum plain plate/coil/ strip, aluminum circle sheet, aluminum chequered plate ( 5-bars plate/ embossed sheet), aluminum foil and aluminum foil roll.

We have a strong, experienced, and expertise sales team. We are not only being able to offer our customers with the best quality aluminum products and competitive prices, but also provide the best solution for aluminum product procurement. 

Nowadays, Eualu has occupies around 300,000㎡, which includes a hot rolling reversing mill with single housing and double curling, whose diameter is 1850mm, 2 cold rolling mills with 1850mm diameter, 2 cold mills processes with 1450mm diameter, 1 foil rolling mill with 1450mm diameter, and 4 color coating processes, 2 of which are full for food grade painting products.

These years, we have successfully developed into a well known international enterprise. We’ll continuously expand our business around the world. Also, We’ll constantly improve our products and sales in order to provide the best aluminum products and services as well as creating the most values for our customers.

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Head Office In Shanghai China

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